Today I want to share my tough times and experiences I have gone through when initially I started Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Balance training program. My clients used to think logically of themselves as reasonable people who made decisions based on data and information. At that time, it was my job to tell them that that was not the way it works. Our emotions if left unrecognized determine our actions, which then determine our results. This used to be a hard sell in my training and coaching engagements and workshops. Some people don’t like to talk about emotions and they don’t like feeling them. I have heard telling one of the leaders “Emotions have no place in the work place”. I wondered and asked, “so, where do you put them?”.

Let me share honestly that I was also once upon a time like a volcano – peaceful and calm until on rare occasions, I would erupt with surprisingly strong reactions. When I was under pressure, I used to get angry. When I made a mistake, I blamed others. I was failing to recognize and manage my emotions and thoughts, that was prompting me to act in a regrettable manner such as snapping at my child, raising voice in a meeting, show my cards too early in negotiation and so on.

After learning a hard lesson, I understood that our ability to regulate our emotions will determine our success far more than our work experience or expertise.

Don’t take my word first. The 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics went to Daniel Kahneman, who proved that people make economic decisions first emotionally and then logically. You can also read “Psychology of Money” in which the author “Morgan Housel” has given the same concept.

Have you observed that many of our purchases fulfill emotional needs and we back them up with logic.

Think about it. Do share your comments in the comment section.

I am Leena Soneja, Women Empowerment Coach, helping career oriented, ambitious women entrepreneurs, empower them to get the success they deserve.

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