Few years back, I travelled to Goa for my training program. As usual I packed my travel bag with all the necessary items and reached Goa with all the excitement, zeal and enthusiasm to unlearn, learn and relearn certain processes. The training was conducted by one of the most intelligent coach with lot of fun, activities and learning. However, let me remind you we all are wearing our lenses through which we create perspective for the events, situations and people around us. I also did the same thing. I started rating and evaluating the coach and the participants. This process of judging got me into the cycle of wanted and unwanted emotions which created a road block for me to be fully productive. However, training got over and I excelled in it. I again, packed my bag and came back home with lot of happiness. However, when I was unpacking my travel bag, I realized that I had packed those unwanted emotions as well. Thank you to the training that I got which taught me to be self-aware every time. I felt as if I have got a new me who is pondering on how can I overcome my unwanted emotions that I carried in my bag. It was an eye-opening experience to be in the zone of self-awareness. I could actually recreate the scene of training and look through the entire picture where all I got my perspective instead of focusing on the reality. That was the time I unpacked my emotional bag. I released my negative emotions through the strategies of self-awareness such as mindful thinking, pause and respond. I understood that I being at the leadership position in my organization need to practice self-awareness so that I can be productive and helps others to be productive equally. Today in the organization, all the leaders are going through a paradigm shift in terms of employee and customer relationship management. Leaders need to be self-aware and high in emotional intelligence so that they can enjoy the long-term employee and client relationship. In fact, Self-Aware leaders are attuned to their inner signals, recognizing how their feelings affect them and their job performance. They integrate their guiding values into their work. They can deduce the best course of action. They see the big picture and they’re genuine.”
Next time, when you unpack your travel bag, do keep an eye on your emotional bag, is it heavy or light!!!