Year 2020! A year which introduced VIRUS in our lives and gave us an opportunity to explore life from a different perspective i.e. having New Normal Life which is more of connecting people virtually. This sudden shift from physical to virtual became a threat for some and an opportunity for some. In midst of this shift, one major change that we all have experienced and one question that always remained in our minds was “will we be able to connect with people virtually the same way as we did face to face?”

This question was thought provoking to me as well and this gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts through this blog which is worth reading and reflecting. I went back to the time when we started with the year and asked this to myself – Was I able to RESPOND EMPATHETICALLY FULLY LEAVING EXCUSES CONNECTING TOGETHER? (ACRONYM OF REFLECT). Read this line again as it is acronym of the title REFLECT.

I know its been year of difficult times however it gave us an opportunity to be self-aware about our emotions and others, respond and not react to the situations as all are in the same situation i.e. manage our emotions and others, have empathy towards others and create long lasting relationships.

The new normal life needs our focus and attention to RELFECT. Now, more intentionally we need to become responsive and connect empathetically with others as most of the time we are and will be communication through virtual reality.

At this time, Emotionally Intelligence has to be given due importance as it is the need of an hour. The pillars of Emotional Intelligence will create a strong foundation to REFLECT.

I am feeling gratitude that we are entering the NEW YEAR and have got opportunity to begin the year with the awareness of RESPONDING EMPATHETICALLY FULLY LEAVING EXCUSES CONNECTING TOGETHER.

Before ending, let me ask you, while reading did you ask yourself “When did you REFLECT last? Are you planning to REFLECT in new year?