Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotion is made up of prefix E and word Motion which means “to move”. When you move your states from unresourceful to resourceful, you are becoming Emotionally Intelligent. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize our emotions and others and manage them intelligently to strengthen our productivity, performance and relationships. The question is how to increase our Emotional Intelligence. This blog will give you 3 different ways to increase your emotional intelligence with science behind it. Though these are 3 different ways however you will feel they are connected to each other as one equation.

  1. Bring Stress under your Control:
    Stress is good news and bad news too. Stress under your control is a good sign or an indicator of producing cells that are responsible to improve your memory. So mild stress is good as you climb the performance curve. But research has proven that when stress starts controlling you or becomes severe or prolonged your performance curve starts diminishing. You start losing capacity to control your behavior including your ability to control your stress. It’s important to understand how to bring stress under your control. Let me share a strategy which will immediately bring your stress under control. This strategy is known as ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. The moment you are in severe stress zone, focus on the feeling of gratitude. I recommend to write down five things or five people you are grateful for. If you can’t write at least think and feel gratitude. This will reduce the stress chemical in your body known as cortisol. So, understand your pattern of stress and interrupt it with this strategy. There are other ways which can be adopted to break the stress pattern such as reading a book, going for a walk, doing some exercise, playing with kids, drawing, etc. When you bring physiological changes, you will see that stress has reduced or is under your control.


  1. Have Quality Sleep and avoid blue light in the night
    There is a science behind what happens when you don’t get proper sleep. There are toxic proteins that are generated in your brain when you don’t get proper sleep. When you get quality sleep your nervous system cleanses automatically these toxic proteins. However, when you don’t get sleep you want, these toxic proteins hinder your capacity to think, you become irritated, fatigue, you lose control when you have 3hours of sleep than 7 hours of sleep that you need. So, it’s important to clean up your sleep hygiene as your brain goes through various stages during sleep to remove the toxic proteins.
    One more thing needs attention that is avoiding blue light after dinner. We take sunlight early morning which has positive results. As the day passes by, sun gives orange light which creates melatonin chemical in our body which helps us to have quality sleep. In the evening or night after dinner, most of us sit in front of computer, laptop, phone, iPad or any gadgets and our body absorbs blue light from the screen. This blue light hinders the melatonin chemical process for sleep and we don’t get quality sleep. We may go to sleep after using gadgets however brain gets confused and is unable to remove toxic proteins and we don’t get proper sleep. So let’s have quality sleep and avoid blue light.



  1. Caffeine Time and its effects:
    Do you know the life of caffeine in your body that you take? It approximately 6 hours in your body. It is recommended that from afternoon onwards you should avoid caffeine intake. If you take caffeine for example espresso coffee in the evening, the effect will remain for 6 hours and it will be still metabolically active by 9-10 pm in your body. It will make it hard for you to go to sleep and even if you go to sleep you may not get quality sleep and toxic proteins will not be removed. The next day morning when you get up with half sleep, your thinking, your mood, your decisions, your work and entire day is affected. So, avoid taking caffeine from afternoon onwards and know how to fix your body.


If you focus on these three things which scientifically are proven, you will become emotionally intelligent because when you get your stress under control, your caffeine intake will be less or balanced and you will get proper sleep. This will help to have right thinking at right time, decisions will be taken correctly and your goals will be achieved. This all makes you emotionally intelligent as you become master of your emotions.


Keep this equation in mind:

Stress under control + Quality sleep + Caffeine time = High EQ