where is your focus

Focus on dark spot?

Let me share an interesting story of a professor who gave a blank paper as a test to the students. Once a professor entered the college classroom and handed over a blank paper with a small black dot on it as a test. He asked the students to write answer on what they see on the paper. Students wrote the answer and professor read it aloud. All the students had written answers related to black dot. So, Professor told the students that they missed out on the white space available on the paper. The entire focus of all the students was on the black spot.

Professor further explained that black spot is nothing but the negative thoughts, unwanted thoughts, negative emotions. Most of the time we focus on the issues or problems and are busy thinking negative or being in an unresourceful state. Negative emotions are released in the body such as cortisol and we feel physical as well as mental discomfort. Here, the moral is to shift our focus from dark spot to white spot. White spot means the good things, the good and positive emotions and thoughts that we get. Can we shift our focus from dark spot to white spot and be grateful for so that we get into resourceful state?

When you are in a resourceful state, positive emotional chemicals are released which brings positive changes in your body and mind. So now the next question from the students was how to shift our focus from dark spot? Professor replied, it’s very simple – Just identify your trigger, identify emotion, acknowledge it and just pause for some time.


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