Imagine being stuck in a dense forest. You know that there has to be a way out, but as you are standing there, in the middle, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of trees and large rocks, the path you should take is just not clear. Now, what you will do? There are possible ways mentioned you may think such as:

  1. You may get an emotional feeling and start running in that direction
  2. You could have a thought about which way to go and want to follow that hunch
  3. You could just stand there and listen for any sounds of people and if you hear any voice, you may head off to that direction
  4. You could look through the trees and try to spot any faint light way off in the direction that could be your guide.

YES, these are the possible options available at the moment to find out your way. However, what if you focus your thoughts, emotions, feelings, your self-talk and your visual processors all together to help you find your way. Would not that be more effective?

Yes, it would be and this process is named as APSIO EXERCISE.

A + P + S + I = O

First, take personal responsibility for the situation you want to change and become aware – “I want to go out of the forest”.

This is self-awareness. Most of the time we have seen and met people “lost in forest” and have “no idea”.  SELF AWARENESS IS AN EMPOWERED TOOL.

Then you can work on the problem you are facing, design the strategy, implement it and get the desired outcome. This process is to be practiced which is nothing but APSIO EXERCISE.

A = Awareness

P = Problem

S = Strategy

I = Implement

O = Outcome


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