• Introduction
  • Week 1 – Relationships

    Love yourself, get involved in self-love and attract more love from others through these daily exercises in 2nd week of this program. Relationships can easily break down, have issues, get stuck in a rut or just simply go through a bit of a rocky patch. It helps you understand what is really making your relationship not work, and simple ways to deal with it. It helps you to get back on track and gives you choices and the ability to feel great.

  • Week 2 – Health

    You will be able to design a life that fits who you are, you will put health & wellbeing at the center of your life with the help of daily podcasts and tasks. You will be able to create compelling goals, Clear obstacles from your past, break through stuck thinking, Develop and implement action plans that lead you to health and harmony.

  • Week 3 – Money

    IMAGINE BECOMING A MAGNET WHO ALMOST "MAGICALLY" ATTRACTS MONEY INTO YOUR LIFE — EVEN FROM UNEXPECTED PLACES! overcoming limiting beliefs for money and empowering mindsets of wealthy through time tested daily tasks and manifesting techniques of law of attraction

  • Week 4 – Success

    Fill yourself with thoughts of positivity. Eat, sleep, dream successful thoughts. Cram them into your mind until you are oozing success from every pore. When you can envision what you want the most in your mind’s eye and never doubt your capabilities for a single moment, achievement can be yours. Use daily practices of this week and transform your dreams into a beautiful reality!

  • Bonus
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