sunil natraj

Hi Leena, I’m writing to acknowledge the positive impact on me by some of the modules in the Change your mind, Change your life – 30 day program. My three key take away:
1. The forgiveness assertion that I practiced for 21 days cleared up a lot of self limitations I had about situations and others. I’m no longer impacted by the past. I continue to use this technique whenever a situation or person bothers me.
2. Defining what success means to me was a great eye opener. I was till now trying to follow what success meant to other people and that was quite tiring
3. Finally, the visualization exercise has had the most impact. I’m following the 30 day exercise and confident to practice it beyond as well. The assertion technique has brought positivity into my everyday moments, the visualization is rewriting my old beliefs.

Thanks for making a positive impact through your program.