What does it means for you

A one page sample of handwriting reveals your unique combination of personality traits

Information about many things such as how emotional you are, your thinking style, your determination, your temper, your ability to make a decision, how well you can concentrate, your ability to pay attention to details, etc. Knowledge of your unique set of skills helps you understand why certain tasks require such great effort for you and why others are so easy. You’ll wish you knew this sooner!

Scientific Basis

Graphoanalysis, a specific copyrighted method of handwriting analysis, matches specific handwriting strokes to over 300 personality traits.

IGAS, The International Graphoanalysis Society (http://www.igas.com), continues to test this system to insure its accuracy. Graphology measures spatial arrangement, formation of letters, and rhythm of writing movement. Both Graphoanalysis and Graphology show the underlying factors that determine your decisions, feelings, and abilities to achieve whatever it is you choose to do.

What this means for couples

The great news for couples is that compatibility issues can be seen by comparing handwritings.

For example, if you are highly emotional and your significant other is not, right there is conflict! Simply understanding why the other person reacts the way they do, will help you both get along with greater ease and mutual satisfaction. Once again, you’ll wish you knew this sooner!.