Empower yourself through Handwriting and NLP

29th March 2020, Venue – Fern Residency, Station Road, Vadodara

Explore the secrets of success through Handwriting and NLP

Handwriting Never Lies! Handwriting is brain writing… It speaks in volumes about your personality…

Read a Person Through Handwriting. Imagine if you have the ability to look at anyone's handwriting and spot their deep dark secrets, fears, esteem, honesty, ethics, physical drives, and dozens of other hidden personality traits.

Can we identify roadblocks to success?
Yes, we can identify:



Too shy or too talkative

Sensitive to criticism

Internal fears and defense mechanisms

Fear of ridicule

Fear of failure

Lying or secretive

Uncontrollable temper or rage

Fear of speaking in public

Suicidal tendencies


Discover the deep, dark secrets locked inside our unconscious mind through the power of 21st century handwriting analysis. Remove your subconscious blockages for self-growth and success through Graphotherapy and NLP techniques.

Heal and Empower yourself with handwriting analysis and NLP

Why You need to attend this Workshop

handwriting contains clues that provide useful answers to hundreds of questions

how it can be useful for you


Gain greater insight into yourself or others. Identify career paths likely to suit you, identify your strengths, weaknesses, fears and defense mechanisms


Gain insight into the personalities of your children and teens to help provide guidance and direction

Career Choices

Learn the traits needed for certain occupations, and how your own strengths and weaknesses may fit them


Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a couple, do couple compatibility and learn how your personal traits are likely to affect the other, improvise it with graphotherapy and NLP tools


Assess partnership compatibility, know your employees better, enhance team cohesiveness, know your suppliers better.

Employers/ Human Resource

Do Candidate Profiling through this tool of handwriting, Gain accurate insight into employees' capabilities, aptitudes, work ethics, and general behavior

Workshop Schedule

Guest Speaker

Mr. Sushant Makhijani

Advocate - Gujrat High court
Senate Member - Givt. Nominated Senate Member (MSU)
Managing Trustee - Nyay Charitable Trust
Legal Director - SK Mobile
Managing Trustee - SK Foundation Trust

Session 1: 10:00 to 11:30 am

11:30 to 12 : Tea break

Session 2: 12 to 1.30 pm

1:30 to 2:30 : Lunch break

Session 3: 2:30 to 4:00 pm

Session 4 – 4.00 to 5.30

5:30 to 6 : Q&A , Certificate

I am Leena Soneja, Certified Handwriting Analyst, and NLP Coach. Working with schools, colleges and corporates, I have gone through an amazing journey to study the behaviors of children, parents and clients. It made me go deeper to understand the thinking patterns, personality characteristics through handwriting. Handwriting is brain writing and gives you the clear picture of anyone’s subconscious mind. This knowledge has helped me a lot to understand peoples’ personality and deepest darkest issues in their mind. I feel happy and passionate to bring change in peoples’ lives by bringing change in their handwriting and subconscious mind. I have been doing numerous workshops and seminars nationally and internationally on how change in handwriting can bring change in your life. I am the creator of “Change your Mind, change your Life” 30-day NLP based self-development program. I am blessed to have students who have taken up Handwriting Analysis as a career and are on the way to be Certified Handwriting Analyst…..

Leena Soneja



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Get you signature analysis for FREE and know about your life and improve it.

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    Handwriting Analysis is a proven scientific methodology to read someone’s character and identify personality traits.

    After becoming Certified Handwriting Analyst from Handwriting University USA, you can become an Entrepreneur running your own organization by providing handwriting analysis as service and running handwriting improvement courses, you can become trainer to train teachers, HR executives and can train individuals to bring change in their lives.