Graphology as a Personnel Selection Method

Do you know a person’s handwriting reveal their aptitude for a job based on their personality?

Save on recruitment costs & build amazing work culture through handwriting analysis

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You or Your Employees? Finding, attracting, hiring and keeping good employees is often one of your biggest expenses. Estimates from various studies suggest that the cost of hiring one new employee can equal 30% of that employee’s first year salary.


Developing a cost-effective & quality-focused recruitment process.


Helps in understanding employee potential and improving the promotion process


Building a stress-free work environment


Improving productivity and building a profitable company

Developing a cost-effective & quality-focused recruitment process

Handwriting analysis helps a company in avoiding costly mistakes related to recruitment. By analyzing a person’s talent and inherent strengths at an early stage, a recruiter can understand the person’s ability and see if he/she will fit in an organization. Also, this will ensure that a recruiter chooses the right candidate according to the requirements. This will help in reducing employee attrition rate due to talent mismatch.

Helps in understanding employee potential and improving the promotion process

Using handwriting analysis, a company can actually understand if an employee has the right for skill sets for promotion. Having a clear idea about skills and dedication, HR department can use handwriting analysis to further delve into an employee’s strength to handle new challenges and responsibilities due to promotion. Through handwriting analysis, the company can improve promotion process and reward worthy employees on time, boosting their morale.

Building a stress-free work environment

Handwriting analysis helps to align talent of an employee with organizational requirements. Also, through handwriting analysis of employees, HR can avoid personality clashes and improve the interpersonal relationship between departments and employees. This helps in removing stress and development of healthy work culture.

Improving productivity and building a profitable company

Using grapho-therapy, a company’s HR department can help employees in getting rid of negative character traits that improve their work efficiency. Using workshops and group sessions, HR can focus on changing handwriting of employees that will improve their personality. Ultimately, such an exercise will improve the productivity of departments and company’s profits.


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It is the study of frozen graphics of printing and cursive writing to determine personality traits.
Character (the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual) and personality traits (the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character), even abilities (possession of the means or skill to do something) are seen in using graphology.
Handwriting constitute behavior, and behavior indicates personality. In one common application, Handwriting Analyst will examine samples from a firm’s top performers, looking for certain personality traits. Then he’ll seek to identify job applicants whose writing indicates similar traits. For instance, a firm might find that its most successful salespeople have handwriting that shows they’re outgoing, competitive and persistent. For more information, please contact us


· Graphology as Social Compatibility Tool

Conflicts, Interpersonal Relationships, Friendship, Family, Romantic, Professional and Compatibility

· Graphology as Parenting Tool

Children, Adolescents, Teenagers, Parenting and Parental Influence

· Graphology as Employment Tool

Staffing, Employee Screening, Human Resources, Employee Profile, Career Counseling and Employment

· Graphology as Business Tool

Business Association, Partnerships, Money Lending, Financial and Trusting Relationships

· Graphology as Self-Development Tool

Self-Knowledge, Improvement, Personality Development, Vocation and Career

· Graphology as Therapy Tool

Graphotherapy and Graphotherapeutics

The formation of handwriting is directly concerned with brain (hence, handwriting is also called ‘brain writing’). In the field of neuro-science, scientists have proved that neuro-muscular movement tendencies are correlated to certain personality traits. All personality traits are represented by various neurological brain patterns which produce a unique neuro-muscular movement for every person who possesses a specific personality trait. Graphologists analyse various strokes of writing and interpret corresponding personality traits.
Handwriting does not reveal the writer’s age, gender and whether he/she is left or right handed. Since the analysis is of the writer’s personality, obviously it does not reveal future.
In fact, as per the 1988 report by “The Wall Street Journal”, 80% of recruitment in France, Spain, and Israel is done through handwriting analysis of the prospective candidate. In the late 1990s, a lot of American organizations and company used graphology for their hiring process, motivation and personnel testing, a method that they have continued to use. The trend has started catching up slowly in US, UK, India and other countries as well. One Popular Company in Las Vegas commercial property brokerage and management company MDL Group, has used handwriting analysis since 2000 to screen candidates for upper-level jobs at the 28-person firm.
Graphotherapy is a process of changing unwanted strokes from the handwriting. It is a process which needs to be practiced for minimum 30 days. We all know it takes 21 days to form new habits and be consistent with it unconsciously. Call us for more discussion on handwriting analysis and Graphotherapy.