“When the character of a person is not clear to me,
i look at their handwriting.”

― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Do the above quote forces you to think what someone’s handwriting really reveals? What is the connection between character and handwriting?


What if I tell you that Handwriting is a Magic tool to identify someone’s deep secrets, fears, defense mechanisms, aptitude, goal orientation, integrity, emotional make up, social traits, thinking patterns, intelligence level and a host of other personality traits…….

Benefits of learning this skill of handwriting analysis:

  • Understand yourself, discover your strengths and weaknesses and improve your self-confidence and self esteem
  • Develop success traits in your handwriting
  • Compatibility for marriage, social or business arrangements can be enhanced by a deeper understanding of the people involved.
  • You can check out your realtor before buying a home
  • Examine sales person before signing a contract
  • Decide which attorney will work best for you
  • Evaluate a possible marriage partner
  • Get worthwhile friends and avoid false ones
  • Improve relationships between husband and wife, children and parents

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Teacher training:

Train the teachers to identify strength, weaknesses, intelligence levels, thinking patterns and so many other personality traits in handwriting of children. Handwriting Analysis is valuable in the field of education and in the counselling of students. It is particularly useful where interaction between teachers and pupils or between the pupils themselves is problematic.

If more teachers were given access to information about Handwriting Analysis, they would be able to create a better climate of understanding between themselves and their students.

Children under-achieve because of low self-esteem and other personality problems. An analysis of handwriting can help us to discover and encourage latent skills or talents that might have gone unnoticed.

Career Guidance

Handwriting analysis is also used for career guidance where knowledge about personality is essential in order to match the individual correctly to the type of work that would best suit his or her personality and interests.

Handwriting Improvement for kids and Adults

Help children and adults to develop the correct stroke formations and improve their handwriting. Handwriting is brainwriting, changes in handwriting will change the personality of children and adults.

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