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International speaker, NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner

Leena Soneja is a happiness consultant, international speaker and TEDx presenter, NLP and Hypnosis Master practitioner and coach, and seasoned social entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people across the globe live happier lives.  

As Founder & CEO of The Family Hub - a social enterprise that delivers knowledge for wellbeing - Rania brings 25 years of experience, wit and authenticity to the stage and has a unique ability to inspire, engage and connect her audience. 

leena is also a certified Parent Educator and proud mother of three. She holds a BA in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo and is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women program with AUC and Babson College. She has served as a mentor and speaker on women's entrepreneurship and leadership, parenting and wellness on countless occasions. Rania has delivered two TEDx talks: A TEDxTanta talk on "Respecting Kids" and TEDxCairoWomen talk on "The Secret of Work-Life Balance".

leena is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Greater Good Science Center - University of California, Berkeley as well as being a World Happiness Agora host.

Whether you're interested in hearing about happiness and wellbeing, parenting, leadership, entrepreneurship or mindset and the power of the unconscious mind, she's got you covered and can tailor a talk or workshop to your specific needs. 

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What People Say

"The first time Leena did the brief analysis on my handwriting, I was stunned the way she portrayed me because each and every word spoken on my personality by her was absolutely true. I trusted her right away and by her guidance to improvise my handwriting not only I am driven on a positive vibe all the time but now I am able to focus. The change in me is evident and I thank her wholeheartedly."

Kirthi Nair


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What People Say

"It fascinates me to discover how elements of one’s personality and behavior can be exhibited in one’s handwriting.It is especially wonderful to be able to influence one’s outlook,one’s approach and one’s effect on life by deliberately altering tiny aspects of one’s handwriting.Thankyou Ms Leena ,you were so helpful and full of advice and insight.So far a very rewarding experience."

Smitha Rao

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What People Say

"I got my handwriting analysis done by Ms.Leena. It gave me an insight of myself and in-depth understanding of my problem areas. Tips and solutions and few writing exercises suggested by her proved very helpful. She also gave me areas to focus on improving self. This helped me in my own personality development and improving my confidence. Thank you so much Ms. Leena."

Advocate Rajlakshmi


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What People Say

"The first time Leena suggested that I write something and forward it to her for an analysis,it had me curious and intrigued that somebody could read me with the help of handwriting. And when she actually started telling me the results of the same, I kept on repeating “bang on”. Thanks Leena for it and am looking forward to the suggestions to change certain sub conscious aspects of thought process with the help of improving my handwriting. Thanks for this."

Padma Iyer