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Did you ever think “what your handwriting reveals?” Have you heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Handwriting is brain writing… and you can't fool your brain. Your handwriting is unique, it tells whatever we write at a moment is an instant print of how we think, feel & behave

“When the character of a person is not clear to me, I look at their handwriting”

Your handwriting contains clues that provide useful answers to hundreds of questions, including:

What are your business aptitudes?

Do you use and trust your intuition?

How powerful is your creativity?

Do you bring your dreams to reality?

Are you excessively impatient?

Do you think before you act?

I am Leena Soneja, Certified Handwriting Analyst, and NLP Practitioner. Working with schools, colleges and corporates, I have gone through an amazing journey to study the behaviors of children, parents and clients. It made me go deeper to understand the thinking patterns, personality characteristics through handwriting. Handwriting is brain writing and gives you the clear picture of anyone’s subconscious mind. This knowledge has helped me a lot to understand peoples’ personality and deepest darkest issues in their mind. I feel happy and passionate to bring change in peoples’ lives by bringing change in their handwriting and subconscious mind. I have been doing numerous workshops and seminars nationally and internationally on how change in handwriting can bring change in your life. I am the creator of “Change your Mind, change your Life” 30-day NLP based self-development program. I am blessed to have students who have taken up Handwriting Analysis as a career and are on the way to be Certified Handwriting Analyst…..

Leena Soneja


There is nothing of the “psychic” or “para-normal” about handwriting analysis. It doesn’t predict or reveal one’s future, but it can be very helpful in determining whether a particular job or goal will be a good fit for your gifts and talents. It will help you to choose right partner for you. It will help to do your own “SWOT” analysis.

Handwriting analysis is a proven scientific tool to read a person’s character. It gives the entire picture of person’s personality.

What can be seen through Handwriting analysis?

Analytical ability



Enthusiasm & Excitement

Organization ability

Thinking Process toward self and co-worker



Get Certified as A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Why You need to learn handwriting analysis

  • Inquiry into Yourself Who You Are – Handwriting Analysis helps an individual to know their strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears and your defense mechanisms, and see himself in new light. It can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self-growth.
  • Know Your Relationships and its compatibility – Know every aspect and the hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and improve relationship.
  • Child Development – From child’s handwriting or by parents knowing handwriting analysis they will know about the child much more than he is showing and behaving.
  • Career Selection for Child – Handwriting Analysis can help you and your child in selecting the right career. Is he artistic, is he creative, is he very mechanically oriented, is he a fast thinker, is he an analytical person, is he expressive, is he introvert or extrovert?
  • Selecting a Life Partner – Even though you have selected your partner, handwriting analysis can help you to improve your relationships and compatibility by knowing each other’s needs and requirements and how they behave in a particular situation.
  • Selecting a Business Partner – Handwriting Analysis can help give you to select right business partner who can take right decision at the right time.
  • Candidate Profiling / Employee Screening – Handwriting Analysis can help in selecting right people for the job. Who’s titled for which job, will he give maximum output in that area, is he meant for sales position?, will she be a good customer care executive?

Way to get financial freedom after becoming handwriting analyst

Full time Certified Handwriting Analyst as career
Become Trainer to train teachers, HR executives and managers, counsellors

How to gain status and recognition with financial freedom?


Everyone writes! Everyone learns about how to recognize what their own handwriting means … and how that impacts their life in positive ways. “Handwriting Analysis” is fun, informative, and entertaining Whether your group is 10 or 50 or over 100, it will be fun for all.”


what’s the biggest challenge at a trade show? Drawing people to your booth and giving them a reason to stick around long enough for you to connect with them. Having Handwriting Analyst in the booth does exactly that: he looks like “one of your own” yet offers those who come to the booth a personal, informative, and unique value that they will NOT get at any other booth in the entire show.


handwriting analysts are hired to show the team to improve communication and help the team understand both themselves and their co-workers and why and how they understand and value THEMSELVES. Give a comprehensive handwriting report to clients and give them points to grow

Because you deserve to shine.



Handwriting Analysis 101
Beginner's Transformation Course 101

  • Audio Book with live seminar highlights on mp3. Download to your computer or listen inside the course.
  • 12 Audio Lessons:
    Measuring Slant, Emotional Outlay
    Choosing the Slant
    Emotional Descriptions
    Seminar Highlights
    Esteem and the Letter t
    Sex Drives and the Letter y
    Honesty and the Letter o
    Fears and Defenses
  • The complete 72-page Handwriting Analysis 101/ Level one Introduction to Basic Traits book
  • 8 Video Lessons featuring these topics and more...
    The Big fears that stop you.
    How to Measure Slant & determine emotional outlay.
    Boosting Your Confidence and Esteem
    Grapho-therapy and changing your fears through handwriting changes.
    Lying, Honesty and Communication Styles
    Sexuality andSex Drives
  • Bonus Item: Quick Reference Guide and Trait Dictionary PDF file with over 50 primary traits and full descriptions
  • Bonus Item: The Emotional Gauge. The Grapho-Deck Flash Cards are included in both high resolution format and shipped to your door (if you order the shipped to your door version).

Level 301

Standard Certification Level Course. Certificate & Private Mentoring.

If you are fascinated with people, psychology, and the science of understanding personalities, this training is for you. After taking this course, you will have the ability to capture and express, in words, the essence of someone's core personality and their deepest wounds and motivations in life.

  • Get everything included in 101 Course
  • Over 20 Different Video sessions, over 30 Hours of Live MP3 seminar recordings, and 3 different reference manuals / textbooks to study. Everything you need to master the psychology of handwriting analysis
  • Learn Graphotherapy – Change your life in 30 days with the graphotherapy workbook available for kids and adults that guides you through specific changes in handwriting day by day.
  • Become a full time professional
  • Get an authorized mentor to support you, weekly live video sessions will be provided at your time
  • It is an in-depth 17 module online training, you will dive deep into the key areas of life that really matter
  • Get Certified
  • If you have the strong desire to make a living making a difference, this course is for you.

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  • Take Course Online and upgrade your life!
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Handwriting Analysis is a proven scientific methodology to read someone’s character and identify personality traits.

If you are fascinated by psychology, studying peoples’ mind, understanding people through their behavior, this science will help you. You can make it your full-time profession by taking certification.

After becoming Certified Handwriting Analyst from Handwriting University USA, you can become an Entrepreneur running your own organization by providing handwriting analysis as service and running handwriting improvement courses, you can become trainer to train teachers, HR executives and can train individuals to bring change in their lives.

101 Course is a basic course where you learn primary traits with the help of material and graphodeck cards. This level is for those people who want to take up handwriting analysis as a hobby or part time source of income.

Yes, there will be support in terms of Mentor or Coach with whom you will be having weekly live classes online. All the mentors are authorized mentors from Handwriting University USA

101 course is for 6 weeks and 301 course is Certification Level course with duration of 8months to 1 year.